Reederei Schepers

Irrespective of some press articles, Shipowning and managing company "Reederei Schepers" has developed themselves under the brand "SMS Bereederung" as an independent shipmanager and deploys a modern fleet of seegoing vessels which are trading worldwide.

The success of the independent company is based on the fourty-years experience of Captain Engelbert Schepers, qualified employees ashore and at sea, professional service of the vessels and continued application of new developments.

The history of Reederei Schepers dates back to the 19th century. The grandfather of Engelbert Schepers, Captain Hermann Kiepe headed with the sailing ship "Helene" across the Atlantic, destination South America.
The "HELENE" was built in the year 1890 and had a length of 24 meters and a breadth of 6 meters. The replica can today be visited in the maritime museum of Haren. These days Haren is one of the most important maritime cities, located in northern Germany, next to the dutch border line, with the river Ems going through the town.

Captain Engelbert Schepers successfully continued the tradition as an independent shipowner. His sister financial administrator Magdalena Schepers-Zeiss today heads the financial department of the company.

Also his son Alexander Schepers will continue with the family's history. He has a degree in maritime economics and gained a wealth of experience during his years with a leading shipping service provider in London and Hamburg.

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